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Simplify your cross-border collections from Amazon marketplace.
WorldFirst is a participating Amazon Payment Service Provider (PSP). 
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The easy and cheap way to receive your Amazon payouts

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1. Free access to locally-based currency accounts

This means USD currency account in USA, AUD currency account in Australia and so on. Depending on which Amazon marketplace you're selling on, Amazon requires you to open a local currency account to receive your marketplace payouts.

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2. Receive and hold funds

Collect Amazon payouts into your local currency accounts when selling internationally online. Keep them there until you're ready to transfer them home.
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3. Bring your money home

When you’re ready, log in to your account at any time 24/7 to transfer your money. With our great rates you can bring more of your hard-earned money home.

Switch your Amazon marketplace payment account in minutes

Marketplaces often require proof of account ownership to change the bank account details linked to your marketplace storefront.

You can request for an account verification letter from your WorldFirst account manager.

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Receive Amazon earnings using your WorldFirst account

When you've made new sales from Amazon marketplace, it's important to decide on the withdrawal method. WorldFirst helps to lower your currency conversion cost to maximise your profit.
Guide to receive Amazon payouts
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"Amazing customer support and works perfect as a Canadian living in Bangkok selling on Amazon! WorldFirst is the best out there from what I have found!!!"


Amazon seller

"Am an Amazon Seller in the US/UK Markets and WorldFirst has made it easy & simple for me to get my payments with no TT fees required.

They've helped me to set up a USD & a GBP account with local bank codes to avoid any costly TT fees. Once the funds have been received, I just have to decide when to transfer the money to my local SG bank account and the money is in within a few days.
Very simple interface to use."


Amazon Seller

The WorldFirst account explained

A borderless account for online merchants and small businesses.

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