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Simplify your cross-border collections and marketplace payouts from Amazon.
WorldFirst is a participating Amazon Payment Service Provider (PSP).

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Regulated in 7 countries

Regulated in Singapore, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Australia and more.

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A participant of Amazon Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Pay globally

Cost savings

No collection fees, no annual fees, no minimum or maximum deposits with World Account

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Maximise earnings

Enjoy competitive exchange rates to earn more on every sale when


Switch your marketplace payment account in minutes

Marketplaces often require proof of account ownership to change the bank account details linked to your marketplace storefront.

You can request for an account verification letter from WorldFirst.

Guide to switch payment account details

Link your World Account with Amazon

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1. Use local currency accounts

Amazon sellers can open local receiving accounts in 10 currencies. Upon opening an account with us, we'll send the bank account details when they’re ready.

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2. Receive and hold funds

Collect Amazon sales proceeds into your local accounts when selling online. Keep them there until you're ready to transfer them home.

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3. Bring your money home

When you’re ready, log in to your account at any time 24/7 to transfer your money. With our great rates you can bring more of your hard-earned money home.
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