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Hear from WorldFirst customers on how they started and scaled their business and how they navigate the world of international trade.


YCL Jewels boasts a loyal following across the globe, while its CEO and Creative Director has been recognised as much for her minimalist, bespoke designs as for her entrepreneurship.

Sep / 2022
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A wellness company focused on proactive health solutions, New Zealand Honey Co is bringing its certified, traceable manuka honey to the world, one marketplace at a time.

Jul / 2022
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The founders of Rocky Ridge Brewery Co launched the business in 2017 with the mission to ‘brew better beer in a better way’.

Mar / 2022
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Since launching in 2017, the maternity and baby brand has reached over two million customers worldwide. Here’s how founder Jane Neo and her partner Ivan Ong have achieved this growth.

Oct / 2021
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A recycled materials supply business committed to sustainability, Bantam has spent over a decade working with coastal communities in developing countries by supporting bottle collectors, collection centres and local recyclers.

Aug / 2021
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